Friday, February 26, 2010

Glass Straws and a Taste Test

I decided that the boys and I would do a taste test of O.N.E.'s coconut waters. I've seen them at our local grocery store and always wondered about them, so last week I decided to pick up four of them. Below is our lineup: pineapple, plain, guava, and mango (with Will doing school work in his pjs. :] )

To make it more interesting, we used our new glass straws! I tell you what, those fun glass straws from glassDharma even got my picky kid to try something new! :) Here he is with the green Decorative Dots straw:

Then there were the other two little "suckers" (lol!); Witt, with his Shorty Straw, liked the pineapple and Nathan liked the mango.

Will might have been happy to oblige the tasting just get out of doing his schoolwork, though. :) His response to the mango flavored one, "I just need to get used to it."But he did take a few more sips.

Personally, I liked them all, except the mango... I don't like mangoes. I think these would be exceptionally refreshing after a physical workout.

Now, I left the room purposefully to leave the boys with the glass straws. I wanted to give them a good durability testing.

I came back to two "mad scientists" mixing, stirring, and pouring all the drinks together!

This one CRACKS! ME! UP!

While the straws held up beautifully against the two little mad scientists, the resulting drink was pretty nasty. LOL!


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Asian Jamaican said...

Ha! That was so cute! I am glad you tried them out, I see those in the health food section at the Kroger I shop at. I'll give 'em a try. BTW-you have inspired me to try and turn my kitchen into a SS kitchen as well.

Super B's Mom said...

I'm loving this! The boys are SO DARN ADORABLE!!!!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

yay, you got your straws! i knew you wanted them! hey, if you get a chance, can you stop over at my blog and give a new allergy mommy some encouragement? would love you to share your outgrowing story!

... It's The Journey said...

Mad Scientists & Glass Straws! Love the lab experiement! Sipping and stirring... I can hear the sound. :)

Scottish Twins said...

I love your boys. They are so handsome!