Friday, February 5, 2010

The World I Imagine

Will is a member of the 4H club in our homeschool group. One of the assignments for the month was to take a picture of the world you see and alter it into "The World I Imagine".

He took about 50 pictures on his own with a digital camera and then we sorted through the best ones. After that we picked the top 5 and then altered them.

Here are the originals and the imagined photos - all created by Will. He used the program PictureIt to alter the photos.

A bush from our yard:

Trucks in the sand pile:

Well insulated dog house (no redneck comments, please! LOL!):

Patch of clover:

Will's bike:

And here is his favorite, Dog Food(!) - the one he submitted for the contest (Update: and won 1st place for his age group!) :

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1 comment:

Scottish Twins said...

Great pictures! The dogfood in the second picture looks like roasted marshmallows (like the top of my sweet potato casserole) and makes me really hungry. Mmmmmmm!