Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Just a quick minute to write a few things down....

William, age 7 1/2: "Daddy called me 'silly,' that means I'm dignified... whatever that means!" LOL!

After tasting something (and not liking it - shock, I know... haha), William tells me, "It's kind of bitter, I think it needs a secret ingredient."


Nathan, age 4, who is still pretty quiet until he's LOUD, made me giggle so hard last night. It's probably not funny from just a regular kid, but because he doesn't say a whole lot, I really cracked up! :)

As he was getting into the bath and squatting down to sit in the water, "OUCH! That burned my butt!"

Nathan also LOVES nuts. Pecans are his favorite, especially since he can just go outside, scoop a few off the ground and (attempt) to crack them. You just don't know how many times my nut cracker went missing this past season!

Anyway, I bought some cashews at the store, told him they were my favorite and we shared some. Later in the day, he brought me the bag asking for more "tap shoes" or "cap shoes"!


Witt, age 2 1/2, now says "bana" for banana instead of just calling it a "yella" (yellow).

Witt also has a small collection of stuffed frogs, and it's a little embarrassing to hear him say "frog". He removes the "r", and changes the "g" to a "k". I'll leave you to figure out what word it sounds like. ;)

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Deanna said...


Would you mind expounding on your experience with allergy testing and the differences you have seen in the results from blood tests versus skin tests? Our 2 year old has dairy and egg allergies, yet the blood tests show minimal reaction. We know for a fact the extent of the egg reaction because just a slight amount will cause his eczema to flare up. Our allergist would not do skin tests at the 2 year appointment and now our daycare is almost pushing for actual doctor results to confirm the allergies. I'm frustrated! Thanks!!

Scottish Twins said...

Hahaha - "fok" - you just have to hope he never starts yelling it in public!