Friday, July 16, 2010

Chicken Pox?

Sunday, Will had a headache.

Monday, Will had a headache and a fever with aches.

Tuesday, Will had a headache and a fever with aches and a few red, sporadic pimple-like spots that don't itch.

Wednesday, Will had a headache and a fever with aches and MORE red, sporadic pimple-like spots that don't itch.

Thursday, Will had a milder fever and red, sporadic pimple/blister like spots; one that itched and then scabbed over.

Friday, Will has red, sporadic pimple/blister like spots; still only the one scabbed over and still no itching (can we say "thankful?!").

I never did take him to the doctor, but I did speak with the nurse. We both felt that if this wasn't chicken pox, it was viral and there was no need to bring him in. I was instructed to treat and watch the fever while pushing fluids (of which I had already been doing prior to the call). I'm such a good mom. ;)

Will and the other boys did have the chicken pox vaccine and booster, so we'll just have to sit out the incubation period and see if the other boys will get these spots, too. If they do, I hope it will be a mild case like Will's. I remember the chicken pox and do not wish that on my boys!

Jeff has been out of town this week, so it's just been the boys and me. I've been trying to clear out more stuff and organize a little for the move back to our previous house. They've spent the time watching lots of movies and playing in the rice boxes. It's just been too hot to send the little ones outside. Will spent the week on the pull-out couch enjoying the attention. :)

SO glad the aches and fever are gone. I've missed my little guy's silliness! :)

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Scottish Twins said...

I thought my boys had chicken pox last year - even my doc was convinced. But, it ended up being something else viral.

The defining characteristic of chicken pox compared to other viral rashes is that they will crust over and scab. Are Will's doing that?

I hope it isn't chicken pox (although to be honest, if it is, I am tempted to drive down and let my boys play with him) :)

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

Only the one spot so far has scabbed. *IF* this is chicken pox, these spots are taking their own sweet time to scab.

Let's just call it chicken pox so you just come on down and play with us! :)