Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

‎William, age 7 1/2... almost 8!

"It's kind of like an exhaust pipe that brings water down from the gutters" when asked what a "downspout" was for our vocabulary lesson from Charlotte's Web. I love the way his brain works! :)

  • A friend recalled the following about Will when he was about 4 years old: In Bible class, the teacher had all the kids blindfolded and passed around coffee beans for them to smell and Will's reply was "smells like Books-A-Million"!!!!

Wittman, age 3

The new big word for him is "actually". So cute! He pronounces it "ack-chew-wee". "Ack-chew-wee, Mama, it was bofe of us." (both of us)

He's also become quite the tattle-tale. Good, bad, or indifferent he's always letting us know what his brothers are doing.

Nathan, age 4 1/2

Loves to tell "jokes". They don't make any sense, but he loves it! :)

"Mama, I got a joke for you. Why did the cow jump over the moon? Because it jumped backwards!"

"Why did the cow jump over the tractor? Because he jump, jump, jumped!"

He makes these up on the spot and is so proud to do so! He's a hoot!

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Terra said...

I love the one about Books-A-Million. It does smell like coffee in there...even the furthest corner away from the coffee shop smells like coffee. I love it!

bekahcubed said...

Will sure is a smart kid--to define "downspout" by comparing it to "exhaust pipe"? I don't think many 7 and a half, almost 8 year-olds would think of that.

Jennifer said...

Here's a joke your little guy is sure to love. My 6yo is famous for making up jokes that make no sense. This is the only one he knows that sort of works.

Why did the birdie cross the kitchen.

Tweet. Tweet.

At this point, my 9yo will correct his younger brother in that all-knowing way that older brothers have.

It's to-eat, to-eat, Connor.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

books-a-million is funny:)

Gotta love the "funny" joke stage! Ours are int he same stage except that their siblings laugh... so the comedian continues:)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I miss those little kid jokes...maybe the three year old will start that up again soon. SO funny!

Love the downspout definition - quite a thinker you got there!

Hope your year schoolyear kicks off well!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What great conversations! I love the jokes.