Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Map Work

We've been filling in this map as we go through Sonlight's World History studies.  I've wondered how much was sinking in though, as we don't do a lot of review or testing on Geography.


However, one day we started discussing the Yellow River for the second time. I asked Will to point it out, but before he could, Witt pipes up with, "I KNOW! I KNOW!" and ran to the map. 

Do YOU know where the Yellow River is?  Well, let me tell you... my 3 1/2 year old does! :)

So, I guess it is sinking in. Good stuff! :)

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Andrea said...

It's funny you mention this. You must be doing a better job at the mapwork for Sonlight than am, cuz I haven't been pulling it out this year. At the 4th grade level, J does so much independent work that I forget to get it out each day and discuss it with him.

I would *prefer* if SL had B&W line maps that required some type of work each week in order to reinforce what they are learning as they read. This always worked well for us when we used Story of the World (it 'forced' me to remember to do mapwork with them).
I'm thinking of using something new to go with SL next year....