Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help Us to Not Love Pharaoh

Witt, almost 4, is generally a long-winded pray-er. LOL! Here's a short version of his "standard" night time prayer, which is actually pretty good:

Dear God,
Thank you for this day.
Thank you for this beautiful weather.
Thank you for our pets and the computer and all the things we get to do.
Please help us to do everything.
Please help us to love each other.
Please help us to love Jesus, but help us not love Pharaoh and not love the Devil.
In Jesus' Name,

I don't know how Pharaoh got in there, btw. :)


Nathan, age 5 1/2, spilled a small bag of jelly beans in the truck.  His comment:

"I didn't spill them all; I ate one!"

I'm not a big fan of food coloring, but how do you say "no" to a little boy sporting a huge grin when he asks, "Can you make my eggs GREEN?" :D
(At least they were pastured eggs from a farm.)

I've been on a low carb diet this year and apparently I've been talking a little too much about it.  At our end of the year homeschool co-op party, Will (age 8 1/2) came up behind me as I was eating a cookie (the first I'd had in weeks *gasp*) and very politely asked,

"Mom, why are you eating so many carbs today? You might put on some extra weight."

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bekahcubed said...

Love Nathan's comment about the jelly beans. It's absolutely true. One was not lost, it was eaten! :-)

A Joyful Chaos said...

Never a dull moment with children around!

Enjoyed all these fun little tidbits.


LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

ha ha... nothing like a little unwanted accountability! :-)

love that he prayed about Pharaoh... too cute!