Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Start All Over Again

Will, age 8 1/2
"Mom, can I have a shovel? I want to dig a trench for the rain." 
"Mom, can I dig a hole in the front yard so I can play golf?"
"Mom, can we start building a small fire for cold nights?"
Hey ~ at least he ASKS! :)
On the way back from Magic Kingdom, heading to the resort: 
"Now that we're going home, I want to sleep. Don't wake me up until lunch time."
 This from the kid who has never slept past 7am. :)

Nathan, age 5 1/2
It's never a good thing when the child that has brought you the front door knob before starts a conversation with,
"Mom, I accidentally unscrewed this..."
After dropping a toy
"Upsie my daisies..." then he turned and said, "if I had four hands I could do moe work!"
On the definition of "country"
Country is where you can pee outside 'cause no one can see you!
Witt, almost 4 years old
After leaving the Magic Kingdom
"We saw Woody and Jesse but none of their friends." {Thoughtful Pause} "Maybe they are still in the computer."

While sitting on the potty in a public restroom equipped with an automatic flush that went off too early -

"Now I'm going to have to start all over again!"
Not Tiny Talk, but this cracked me up...
included in a text from my husband, Jeff, where he had misspelled a word: 
"Spelling? I'm an engineer and calculators can't spell either."

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bekahcubed said...

Nathan's "Mom, I accidentally unscrewed this" cracked me up. So nice to hear little bits and pieces of your oh-so-grown-up boys' lives!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

funny quotes;) and good to connect with you again:)

I love these... they make MY little boy sound soo normal:) I hear the same things from him and wonder how HE finds soo much "trouble"! I'm thinking it's just part of being a boy:)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Seriously...hilarious. All of them! Hope Disney was fun - the comments about the Toy Story characters and sleeping were great :)