Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Minute Math

Although my boys are VERY good at math, the timed practice pages kinda throw them for a loop (especially Will).

We started out just timing how long it took to finish the practice page and graphed the time.  The idea being that if we used the time would go down and we could see that graphically as positive reinforcement.  

Well, let me just say that didn't work. Sometime it would take 2 minutes, other days it could take 7 or more!

Then I saw this video and it just clicked! Minute Math!

Decrease the number of practice problems and give them 1 minute to finish. If they don't finish in a minute, they redo the same set the next day.  Easy Peasy! :)
You can print a copy of her Multiplication board at Teaching Resources.

I took it a little further so I could include all three of my boys who are on different math levels.  I created 5  pages in Excel that were similar to hers for the abacus, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. Then I just slide the printed sheet into a page protector and the boys use dry erase markers. 

Here's our take on Minute Math:


... Set timer for 1 Minute...

Finishing up Minute Math:


I've got to say that this has made a HUGE difference in our math practice. Since they know it's only 1 MINUTE long, there is no more whining and moaning before we get started!  (although there is some afterwards as shown in the video. LOL!)

We use RightStart Math, which utilizes the AL abacus.  The example abacus page (shown below) requires you to color in the abacus "beads" with a dry erase marker. To reduce counting and encourage visualizing groups, use one color for the first 5 beads and then change to a second color for the second five (see my video for example).

Those are the math drills that work for us!

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